Zero Carb Protein Burger


Organic Chicken Breast Or 170g Black Angus Beef - Rona's Special Protein Bun - Tomato - Romaine Lettuce - Fried Egg - Guacamole - Harzer Cheese - Bresaola - Onion


Sun’s out, buns out!

This beauty is for all the fit boys and girls out there!

Our protein bun is rich in good fats and high-quality protein + it’s literally free of carbs (<4%).

Bresaola, fried egg, guacamole and harzer cheese (rich in high-quality protein + free of fat) won’t make you regret one single bite.

Who said burgers are fast food? They can be soul food and super food and the same time!

So eat our buns after training your bums!

Nutrition facts: 428 g | 663 kcal | 29,3g fat | 4g carbs | 77,2g protein